Movies - 17 June 2018

Sunday 17 June 2018

DOORS 1.30PM / START: 2PM (53 MINS & 75 MINS)

259 Hardess Street
SE24 0HN

young blood - films for 14 yr olds +

Living (USA)

Award winning drama short about an angel's descent from heaven to Brooklyn looking to clear the air, bridging a gap, finding common ground, and addressing an important key of life between Law Enforcement and minorities.

Dir. Marcellus Cox

Kinto (Jamaica)

Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.

Dir. Joshua Paul

Oakland in Blue (USA)

Is knowing how to hustle the only step to manhood? Kennedy, a recent college graduate, returns home to Oakland, to be manager for local rap artist Marcus. Their struggle to launch a successful independent record label without compromising their integrity is conflicted by the temptation of "Legit versus Street", threatening their lifelong friendship.

Dir. Robbin Rae


Haraam (UK)

GEO, an aspiring filmmaker, works at a picture framing store. In love with his colleague, Layla, but afraid to tell her. It's Layla’s last day at work, and he must decide to go for it or let it all go.

Dir. Serge Rashidi-Zakuani