Random Shorts

Random Shorts

A selection of African Diaspora focused short films


17th June 2017 @ 1pm - 3pm


Whirled Cinema
259-260 Hardess Street
Brixton, London
SE24 0HN




Written & Directed by Assata Jackson

A story that follows a young man struggling to escape the violence in his neighbourhood and opt for a future as an astronaut. He’s ultimately faced with a grave decision that can alter his goal in order to save his friends.

Living in Brixton

Documentary: Directed & Produced by Damien Swaby

A look at the changes in Hackney. We hear the views of the residents of Hackney as seen through the eyes of long-standing neighbourhood residents, and a small business owner. They discuss the past, present, and the future of their beloved Hackney.


Brixton Rock

Written & Directed by Ethosheia Hylton

Brenton Brown has spent most of his childhood in care homes. He’s unable to express his emotional frustration and becomes a recluse – pondering thoughts of rejection, abandonment and anger. That is until his social worker receives a letter from his estranged mother requesting to meet, a meeting which provides explosive consequences.


Writer: Jake Bryson

Director: Ella Bennett

Set in London during the 1980’s. Reyna, an intelligent working class swimmer, living with an abusive father, struggles to pursue her passion for swimming. She trains for an upcoming competition at her school, aiming to win first place. With a father who controls the world around her, the goal to win is tested.


A documentary film by Karen Martinez

A poetic, cine-essay style documentary reflecting on the theme of identity and contemporary migration. The filmmaker, a Trinidadian based in London, returns to the Caribbean to explore what ‘home’ really means and where it is that both migrants and non-migrants might be said to ‘belong’, especially in the age of cheap air travel and Skype.