Akwaaba - Spoken Movement


SPOKEN MOVEMENT (dance performance)


Sunday 17 June 2018
Times: Between 1.30pm & 4pm


Windrush Square
Brixton Oval
Coldharbour Lane



Performance times:  Sunday 17th between 1.30pm & 4pm              

Akwaaba touches upon a story about going through a collective’s journey to “fetch” water for the tribe. The substance symbolises propaganda, an illusion of need. The feel of this piece is more grounded and generalises the perspective of African culture.

Spoken Movement is a company that have taken the elements of street dance and contemporary dance to create their own vocabulary in movement. Using different genres of music, Spoken Movement look to push boundaries by undertaking concepts, issues and day to day life experiences, to create thought provoking pieces of work. Spoken Movement’s work ethic, mainly touches on the physical aspects, with training usually focused on intensity and endurance. Through exploring and making use of space, SM allows its artists to work and create new ideas for upcoming work.

Spoken Movement intend to implement and convey their style of dance, to a wider audience by provoking a guttural response from their work. They aim to inspire and aspire the youth through building businesses and creating relationships with different platforms. The company have presented their work both nationally and international within the UK and Europe. i.e. The Place, Saddlers Wells and Brussels Zinnema Theatre.