Movies - 15 June 2018

Friday 15 June 2018


Huey & louis (UK)

Two brothers with opposing views try to make their way in the world of business, running their Afrocentric shop.

Dir. Jonny Wright

Night (USA)

A young woman confronts her fears when returning home late from work.

Dir. Christian Scales

Together (USA)

Sha Stimuli explores American racism throughout the years.

Dir. Alexxiss S. Jackson

Morning Glory (UK)

Tanya is at a crossroads in her life and has just received the call she has waited months for. However, she faces risking her friendship with her best friend, Candice, for good.

Dir. Robert Bertrand

Jabari Keating (USA)

Upon making a life altering decision, Jabari Keating explores his personal reflections, life experiences and trials and tribulations as an African American in present day America.

Dir. Stacey Larkins

Make America Black Again (USA)

Candidate Lamar Johnson, played by Leon (Cool Runnings, Ali, Cliffhanger) is running for President of the United States on the campaign slogan: “Make America Black Again” with an all white campaign staff!

Dir. Leon Robinson & Joel Kipnis

Love Seat (USA)

A willful woman and an awkward man spend months tugging at each other's comfort zone. A silent film accompanied by soul, Love Seat follows the relationship between a man, a woman... and a couch.

Dir. Victorious DeCosta

Ur Mines (UK)

On a single day in London, a jaded saxophone player and a frustrated photographer make a seemingly random (or is it?) connection as they bond over their common artistic and personal struggles.

Dir. Jeff Lucky

One Patty (JAMAICA)

An impatient man enters a patty shop. All he wants is one patty. Instead he learns a valuable life lesson... the hard way.

Writ. Gay Magnus
Dir. Eugene Williams

Future First (UK)

A black girl's response to cornrows being renamed ‘boxer braids’. This isn’t about taking a stance as a victim of cultural appropriation, it's about reclaiming our place as black women and not being afraid to take up space.

Dir. Naomi Grant


Home (UK)

A hardworking architect awakes after a hard night of partying to find himself unable to escape his new odd surroundings.

Dir. Meena Ayittey

The Reckoning (USA)

In order to save his own life, a gangbanger being held hostage must appeal to the empathy of his kidnapper.

Dir. Christopher Malcolm Reese

The Gurney (UK/USA)

The Gurney tells the story of an execution warden and a death row inmate, a young black woman convicted of the murder of the officer who fatally shot her husband.

Dir. Glenn Whelan
Prod. Darrel-Kirk Lambert

Prey (UK)

After a night out a young woman is stalked by a psychopath in a car park.

Dir. Sunny King

Junior (South Africa)

An awkward Zulu teenager named Junior is treated cruelly by his domineering father. After he and his father are hijacked, Junior makes a desperate bid to prove himself.

Dir. Bert Dijkstra

Kinto (Jamaica)

Kinto lives on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, wiping the windscreens of passing cars at stoplight intersections to earn money. Ambushed and beaten by a group of other street boys, a desolate Kinto embraces his identity when he makes an unexpected act of kindness.

Dir. Joshua Paul