Friday 29 March 2024

Friday 29 march 2024

7.30pm till late (DOORS OPEN 7PM)

259 Hardess Street
SE24 0HN


Suitable for aged 14+

Back to back international short films.

Damagement (Trinidad & TOBAGO)

On the small island of Castara, a couple of goons use their best terrorising techniques to squeeze their target, but nothing can prepare them for the hand that they're dealt in this dark comic tale.

Dir. Christopher Guinness

Flaming Assassin (UK)

Over a game of cards three Crime Lords exchange stories about how an unknown assassin is killing gang leaders in their area. These stories seem too far fetched to be true. Who of the three is telling the truth and who is exaggerating?

Dir. Nathan Geering

Hood Western (UK)

A wanderer from the Caribbean arrives in London to spend a month with his long distance partner. He quickly learns that London is as lawless as the Wild West of Jamaica.

Dir. Boris Steele

The Capitalist (USA)

Brian, a veteran of the hospitality world, is starting a new venture into marijuana distribution when his private poker game is infiltrated by an enterprising young man.

Dir. Gian F. Smith

SƐBƐN (Mali)

Massoh, a 27-year-old Malian, is back at home for her annual holiday. She’s thrilled to present her new French passport to her father. However, Baba doesn’t share his daughter’s enthusiasm about this 'SƐBƐN' (paper), a symbol of her dual nationality.

Dir. Rokiatou Konaté

Convertible (USA)

Two young muslim women, Rida and Jamila attend a party. After the party, Rida discusses her decision to not wear a hijab all the time.

Dir. Amirah Adem

Deprogram (USA)

A man must escape the influences of toxic masculinity.

Dir. Rock White

KOKO (UK/Congolese)

After outing her granddaughter, Koko tries to make amends… in her own way! What could go wrong?

Dir. Sychelle-Kristina Yanda

Niomi (UK)

Young woman escapes domestic abuse and turns her life around with the help of a no nonsense mentor.

Dir. Bea Israel

Jump (UK)

In the competitive world of dance, 'Jump' delves into the high-stakes audition journey, as aspiring dancers strive to master new choreography and impress in a bid to secure coveted roles.

Dir. Jonathan Luke Bishop


Dispense (UK)

A social media site dispenses legal drugs to its users. Making a concentrate of natural hormones to reward users. Is this right?

Dir. Charles Celestin

For Them That Prey (USA)

Sadi, a young woman in transit, faces relentless harassment both in her waking reality and as subconscious trauma. She battles to find peace during a fateful night's stay in a motel.

Dir. Mmakgosi Anita Tau

Trinidad Remains (UK/Trinidad)

To fulfil the dying request of her estranged grandmother, British-born Nikki reluctantly embarks on a road trip across the island of Trinidad with her polar-opposite, freewheeling Trini cousin, Jade, and her unreliable old car. The journey is jeopardised when they are held up by an unhinged man.

Dir. Karen Martinez

Null Island - Cyano Sun Suite (Canada)

From culture starters on Earth to the concept of freedom in outer space, CYANO SUN SUITE contemplates an Afrofuturist worldview.

Dir. Stefan Verna