Monday 1 April 2024

Monday 1 April 2024

Doors: 12.30pm 
Screening: 1pm –

259 Hardess Street
SE24 0HN



start: 1pm

Welcome to Guyana

Short | 2 mins
Dwayne hopes to meet his cousin in the Caribbean for the first time.

Dirs. Rae Wiltshire/Craig Talbot

Fortune For All (Trinidad and Tobago)

Feature | 1h 12m

Three Caribbean siblings are reunited by the death of their eldest brother, one of the first fatalities from a mystery illness sweeping their island. Marooned on the family’s coastal estate for a period of isolation, they begin talking after years of silence.

A tender ode to the radio plays of the director’s childhood in the Caribbean of the 1970s.

Dir. Yao Ramesar


Start: 2.30pm

Exit Interview

Short | 15 mins
Fresh off 90 days of no contact, Makeba and Che’s post-breakup dinner brings waves of emotions as they navigate their unresolved feelings towards each other and the past.

Dir. Victorious De Costa


Short | 28 mins
12 year old Javonte Freeman juggles puberty, a bully and grief while learning the rules of survival in her tough neighbourhood.

Dir. Eboni Price

Love Language

Short | 11 mins
Tasha, an enthusiastic secondary school student is deeply infatuated with her older boyfriend, Jamie. She finds herself trapped in a tumultuous web of love and manipulation. Jamie's indifference drives Tasha to desperate lengths to win his affection, ultimately leading her to become entangled in a dangerous plot against a rival gang.

Dir. Damien Nembhard

Cadence: A Love Story

Short | 11 mins
After a tragic loss knocks them out of sync, a couple struggles to find their rhythm.

Dirs. Mamadou Sewa Bah/Lauren Wells-Mann

The Pieces I Am

Short | 16 mins
Charlotte and Samuel struggle to maintain their connection despite their different perspectives on generational trauma and love.

Dir. Samson Lothschutz

The Wait We Carry

Short | 16 min
Drama portraying the lives of four lifelong friends who, though busy, maintain surface-level connections. However, when tragedy strikes, they must rely on each other in ways they never have before, finding strength and connection to navigate through their darkest days.

Dir. Eugene Valentino McKinney


Start: 4.30pm

What No One Knows (UK/Nigeria)

Feature | 2h 4m

Oriyomi, an orphan, and Ifelolu, an only child since her brother’s death, have been inseparable since their teens; but their friendship is torn apart by the fallout from a secret decision they make as adults. A vicious court battle ensues amidst accusations of gross betrayal.

Dir. Adeoluwa Owu
Writer/Producer. Tope Laguda